August 06, 2020

The Future of Fashion

What does the future of fashion hold for us?  We have witnessed the death of the high street and lockdown worldwide, causing terrible disruption to so many businesses.  However, the fashion industry will fight back.

Fashion shows may be on hold at the moment but they will always be relevant to certain fashion houses and this filters down to our high street and independent boutiques. Brands are going to have think more outside the box and be more creative.

In 2020 fashion is showcased through social media, (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and their influencers, the digital age has arrived and is here to stay.

Designers have still got their story to tell and the love and passion still runs through their veins, that’s why fashion will never die. We will indulge in their creativity using colour, fabrics, and designs to embrace our bodies.

So this Autumn will be an interesting season, will the designers play safe or be inspired with what is happening in the world around us?  Only time will tell.

Love Catherine xxx

May 03, 2020

What Would Carrie Bradshaw Wear?

Most of us grew up watching Sex In The City, wishing we to could be Carrie Bradshaw living in Manhattan, or was that just me?  So it got me thinking what would Carrie be wearing this lockdown season of 2020? 


We might have left her immortalised back in 2004, but it doesn’t take much of our imagination to know that element of fun, clashing of fabrics with her quirky style

is all too exciting.  


I decided to have some fun and put two imaginary outfits together for Carrie, working from home ‘Fuzzy Goose Style’.


Business as usual


So Manhattan is in lock down, but Carrie dress sense will still have a cheeky little twist.  She loves a silky cami worn with her faded ripped denims, black embroidered kaftan and pulled in at the waist with a belt. Accessories are always a must and we love her choide of oversized hooped earrings and slender gold chain bracelet worn on her wrist.  


She can’t wait to take a trip to her local deli downtown where she would throw on her hat and cross body Gucci bag with a pair on Manolas ,well you never know, she might bump into “MR BIG”.


Dressing for zoom


Carrie would never miss the opportunity to catch up with the girls with a large glass of wine in one hand,  sat curled up on the sofa, the subject would of course be men! 


You can hear  Miranda  saying the famous quote” HES JUST NOT INTO YOU”.


So chilling clothes for Carrie would be our super Italian soft cotton joggers, with an off the shoulder silky top, long necklace and gold jade bracelet with fluffy mules and of course her hair pinned up into a messy bun.


Love Catherine xx

April 26, 2020


This situation is like something out of a film, it’s something the world has never seen before, we scared and unsure, but ……

Throughout of all this, we have seen:

Communities coming together to look after the vulnerable (like our very own Helping Hands Cheadle Hulme and Bramhall).

The lovely Captain Tom amazing raising (and still raising) millions for our NHS and inspiring the nation. 

Even the fashion industry are doing their bit and helping where they can. Here are a few of the companies that have got involved:

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April 19, 2020


At the end of last year, we hadn’t even heard of the Corona Virus and now it seems it’s all we can talk about, see on television or read. Life is changing as we know it, but during this time, we must try and remain positive and keeping safe and well is our priority. 

 while we’re stuck at home, it’s an excellent time to do something constructive, so why not detox your wardrobe.  Empty it out on to the floor and with things you haven’t worn for a long time, ask yourself:

 Will I ever wear this again?

Do I even like it?

Does it still fit me? (well I think we’re all asking ourselves that after weeks of over eating and drinking, if you’re anything like us, oops!)

 This is the perfect time to save for the charity shops or the refuges so bag anything up you don’t want store somewhere so you can drop off in safer times. 

 One of my top tips is, if you have an item you are unsure about, turn it inside out on the hanger  and  if at the end of the season it’s still inside out, you know it’s only using up your space in your wardrobe, so get rid.

 Look at each item, for example with a dress, ask yourself can I re-use or re-style it? For example, you could add a belt that makes it look different, wear a long sleeve t-shirt underneath it or put a cardigan over it (which always make a comeback season after season).  So let’s get creative, you could even try wearing a jumper or a sweat shirt over the top using the dress as a skirt.

 Sometimes you forget what you have, get your accessories out on show or in new storage boxes so you can see what’s there, take your handbags out of the dust bags and clothes out of plastic dry cleaning wrappers and you’ll probably find an array of items you didn’t even know were there!

 So in five simple points:

 Get rid of anything that doesn't currently fit. ...

  1. Get rid of anything that you have not worn in the last year. ...
  2. Keep the pieces you really love, and wear them often. ...
  3. Create outfits. ...
  4. Keep colour and accessories in mind.

 Stay safe everyone and most of all stay sane and if all else fails, you can always get the wine out!

 Happy detoxing ladies.

 Love Catherine xx

April 13, 2020

Shop Smart and Beware of Scammers

I’m here to make a public service announcement. You’ve probably seen them plastered all over your Facebook feeds: advertisements with gorgeous models donning cute, yet ridiculously cheap fashions.  If you hadn’t figured it out yet, the majority of these companies are poorly-managed stores run by people overseas (primarily in China).

Best case scenario, these ’boutiques’ will steal images of products from reputable websites and/or designers and manufacture cheap, lookalike clothing and sell them to unsuspecting victims. Worst case scenario, they fail to send products at all, blatantly stealing money from consumers. More and more people are catching on to these scams and various groups have started popping up all over Facebook.

Personally, I’ve had both friends and customers who have been conned by several of these said ’boutiques’, whether it was the heinous quality of the garment, the size discrepancy or the fact that they sent out a completely different product.

Is it possible you might order something from one of these stores and have it look presentable enough to wear? Possibly, but the chances of it being high-quality are slim, and when it comes to my hard-earned money, I’d rather not take the chance.

When in doubt, it’s always a good practice to read reviews from people who were not paid to represent a company (watch out for fake ones—lots of companies are now buying 5-star reviews). Negative reviews are usually a good indication of what a company’s products and services are like. Many of these scammers will close up shop when they rack up enough negative reviews and eventually start over with a new name.

Or better yet—shop local or from a reputable UK business. The bottom line is that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

 Good luck and shop smart.

April 09, 2020

The Seven Second Rule by Catherine Roberts

I have been in the business as a personal shopper for many of the top high street stores and have been lucky enough to attend some fabulous  fashion shows where I have been both a guest and also worked behind the scenes.

The reason for this blog post is to share with you some of the things I have learnt upon my journey, the first one being the “SEVEN SECOND RULE”.

This applies to the first time you see or meet somebody.  Seven seconds is all it takes for them to form an opinion of you and if you count out seven seconds, it brings home to you how little time you actually have.

This seven seconds is all about your appearance and how you present yourself, smiling is extremely important and will take you a long way. By dressing appropriately, always being well groomed and using accessories will give you your own individual style.

 Always be mindful of your surroundings, so in business behave professionally, dress smartly and use eye contact at all times. Always offer a firm handshake.

So with everything that's going on right now and with us either being furloughed or having to work from home how does this rule applies to us? The answer is quite a lot. If every morning you get up and just throw on your old jogging bottoms, scrape back your hair and don’t bother putting on your lipstick and mascara,every time you walk pass the mirror and look at yourself you will feel slovenly and unkempt and if you're already feeling emotionally exhausted this will make you feel even worse.

It feels good to get dressed up in something other than just sweat pants so try different approach, make a little effort and  see how it inspires and brightens up your mood.

Lets also take this time to slow down, to reconnect with ourselves and our families, even it is just face timing, chatting over the garden fence or through windows, life has suddenly got very simple, let’s embrace it.

Take care of you and yours.  Love Catherine xx

March 24, 2020

Catherine's Top Tips for Style

My love for clothes and understanding of women’s body shapes comes from an early age when in my teens I used to sell jeans on a market stall.

Armed with the knowledge, once a woman knows how to dress, her body confidence speaks for its self.

One of my top tips for dressing  is sleek simplicity and keeping things basic. There’s nothing sexier than a crisp white t-shirt, a pair of jeans and a structured blazer all of which are key pieces in every fashionista’s wardrobe.  This can then be a playground for accessories, footwear, bags, jewellery  and scarves, the list is endless.

Find your style and remember, just because something is in fashion it doesn’t always mean it will suit you.

Invest in key pieces as this is the back bone to your wardrobe.

Love Catherine xx

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