For many shoppers, the only thing more stressful than buying a swimsuit is searching for a flattering pair of sunglasses.

Finding sunglasses can be challenging. People will sometimes choose to have a certain style and base their decisions on the style rather than the fit. That’s not always the best in the long term.

Top Tips

The size of your sunglasses should be proportional to your face size. It’s important to look for frames that complement a face by softening or drawing attention away from its more prominent features. Don’t look for larger frames if you have a small face and vice versa.

Oval shaped faces are symmetrical, so most styles will work. These lucky few can experiment with different shapes, styles and colours.

To elongate rounder faces, look for frames equal to or slightly wider than the broadest part of the face. Avoid round frames and go for straight or angular shapes that will create a longer profile. Classic black frames are wider at the temples, drawing attention away from the middle of the face.

Reduce strong angles on square faces with soft, curvy styles. Steer clear of square frames and go for something slightly rounded at the edges to soften the jaw line and add length.

To widen or shorten a rectangular face, experiment with different lines. Horizontal lines will widen the face, while vertical lines will lengthen it. Round frames will help balance a narrow chin or high forehead.

Heart shaped or triangular faces are widest at the forehead and narrow at the jaw. Select frames that will balance the face by broadening the lower part of the face. Drawing attention to the eye area will also soften this lower portion.

Finding the right pair of sunglasses can take some time–and a few good long looks in the mirror. While having a keen, trained eye helps, there’s no complete science to the search. Knowing yourself is key. Face shape is important, but so is individuality.

Love the Bae Boutique girls xx