What to wear for a Summer wedding

It’s summer time and that means that wonderful wedding season is upon us.

A wedding is a great time to get dolled up and look your bae best. While, of course, you never want to outshine the bride, you want to look amazing and you could impress that cute usher that you know is single!

Here are some ideas for dressing up for the next summer nuptials you will be attending.


Don’t wear white

Everyone knows the golden rule – DON’T wear white.  Unless of course, as Beyonce and Jay Z did for there 2008 wedding in New York and requested all their guests wore white!

Strappy sandals

This is the perfect time to show off your pedicure with some open toed strappy sandals. You probably don’t want to go with sky-scraper heels though, because weddings can be a long day, although you know your own feet and their limitations.  Maybe pop a pair of flip-flops or flats in your bag for when you hit the dance floor later!


If the reception goes until night, it could get a little chilly out. However, you won’t want to carry around a jacket all day. A sleek scarf or pashmina that can fit in your bag is the perfect cover-up for when the temperature drops.


A little tip from the Fuzzy Goose girls – make sure your handbag has a strap.  You’ll need somewhere to put your blusher, lippy, cash and phone (don’t forget to put on silent!) – but you’ve only got two hands and there’s nothing more difficult than trying to juggle a drink and canapes with a clutch! 

When you’re going to your summer weddings, think about glamourous but  tasteful clothing options. The more versatile the better, because you never know what the weather will be like. And remember to add your own personal style!

These tips should help you through the big day – have a brilliant time. 

Love The Fuzzy Goose Girls xxx