At the end of last year, we hadn’t even heard of the Corona Virus and now it seems it’s all we can talk about, see on television or read. Life is changing as we know it, but during this time, we must try and remain positive and keeping safe and well is our priority. 

 while we’re stuck at home, it’s an excellent time to do something constructive, so why not detox your wardrobe.  Empty it out on to the floor and with things you haven’t worn for a long time, ask yourself:

 Will I ever wear this again?

Do I even like it?

Does it still fit me? (well I think we’re all asking ourselves that after weeks of over eating and drinking, if you’re anything like us, oops!)

 This is the perfect time to save for the charity shops or the refuges so bag anything up you don’t want store somewhere so you can drop off in safer times. 

 One of my top tips is, if you have an item you are unsure about, turn it inside out on the hanger  and  if at the end of the season it’s still inside out, you know it’s only using up your space in your wardrobe, so get rid.

 Look at each item, for example with a dress, ask yourself can I re-use or re-style it? For example, you could add a belt that makes it look different, wear a long sleeve t-shirt underneath it or put a cardigan over it (which always make a comeback season after season).  So let’s get creative, you could even try wearing a jumper or a sweat shirt over the top using the dress as a skirt.

 Sometimes you forget what you have, get your accessories out on show or in new storage boxes so you can see what’s there, take your handbags out of the dust bags and clothes out of plastic dry cleaning wrappers and you’ll probably find an array of items you didn’t even know were there!

 So in five simple points:

 Get rid of anything that doesn't currently fit. ...

  1. Get rid of anything that you have not worn in the last year. ...
  2. Keep the pieces you really love, and wear them often. ...
  3. Create outfits. ...
  4. Keep colour and accessories in mind.

 Stay safe everyone and most of all stay sane and if all else fails, you can always get the wine out!

 Happy detoxing ladies.

 Love Catherine xx