A-List Hair Trend – Ponytails

Sleek, simple ponytails are bang on trend this season – but how will you wear yours?

As chic, low-maintenance looks go, the sleek ponytail is up there with the best. Seen backstage at a number of 2014 fashion shows, the ponytail, it seems, is well and truly back.

Getting that slick, minimalist-cool look requires decent preparation; start with the right products such as an ultra-smoothing hair care range -  shampoo, condition and nourish the hair cuticle, making it shinier and most importantly, obedient – the ideal combination for your modern-day ponytail. 

Hoop earrings - friend or foe?

Hoop earrings are a classic style that every woman—should have.  But  have you ever seen a woman whose hoop earrings make her look suspiciously like a swashbuckler?  Hoop earrings are a precarious piece of jewellery – it’s very easy to get it wrong and look dated or trashy.  When hoops are too small or too large they can really impact a look for the worse.  So how can one determine what size and type of hoop earrings look best?

It depends on the size of your face, angle of your jaw and length of your neck. A good guideline to follow is if you have a thin face, go for larger round hoops or if you have a round face an elongated hoop is best.

When worn correctly a good hoop earring should highlight your jaw line without making it look like the widest part of your face.

We've come over all ladylike

For nearly a decade, platform heels have ruled supreme, 5 inch heels or more aided by a hidden platform to the front of the shoe, everyone from Nicole Kidman to the latest TOWIE stars would don these skyscraper heels day and night.

In a recent wardrobe clear out, I came across a few 4 inch pointed shoes, and regrettably (in hindsight) threw them in the "to go" pile, with the "how could I ever wear those again" ringing in my head.....but in recent months more and more celebrities have come over all ladylike and are sporting the same red soles, but this time with a more traditional stiletto style and a little more elegance. And, I've had to eat my fashionably fabulous words!

Here at Bae Boutique, we are not suggesting that there is now no place for your super high heels, but it may be worth investing in a good pair of "stilettos" for evenings that need a little touch of class injected. We would recommend purchasing in nude or black, the most versatile of colour ways... But, of course if you fancy blowing the budget (or indeed have no budget) go mad, and buy them in every colour of the rainbow.... Ladylike (for now at least) is definitely here to stay.