The Future of Fashion

What does the future of fashion hold for us?  We have witnessed the death of the high street and lockdown worldwide, causing terrible disruption to so many businesses.  However, the fashion industry will fight back.

Fashion shows may be on hold at the moment but they will always be relevant to certain fashion houses and this filters down to our high street and independent boutiques. Brands are going to have think more outside the box and be more creative.

In 2020 fashion is showcased through social media, (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and their influencers, the digital age has arrived and is here to stay.

Designers have still got their story to tell and the love and passion still runs through their veins, that’s why fashion will never die. We will indulge in their creativity using colour, fabrics, and designs to embrace our bodies.

So this Autumn will be an interesting season, will the designers play safe or be inspired with what is happening in the world around us?  Only time will tell.

Love Catherine xxx