The Seven Second Rule by Catherine Roberts

I have been in the business as a personal shopper for many of the top high street stores and have been lucky enough to attend some fabulous  fashion shows where I have been both a guest and also worked behind the scenes.

The reason for this blog post is to share with you some of the things I have learnt upon my journey, the first one being the “SEVEN SECOND RULE”.

This applies to the first time you see or meet somebody.  Seven seconds is all it takes for them to form an opinion of you and if you count out seven seconds, it brings home to you how little time you actually have.

This seven seconds is all about your appearance and how you present yourself, smiling is extremely important and will take you a long way. By dressing appropriately, always being well groomed and using accessories will give you your own individual style.

 Always be mindful of your surroundings, so in business behave professionally, dress smartly and use eye contact at all times. Always offer a firm handshake.

So with everything that's going on right now and with us either being furloughed or having to work from home how does this rule applies to us? The answer is quite a lot. If every morning you get up and just throw on your old jogging bottoms, scrape back your hair and don’t bother putting on your lipstick and mascara,every time you walk pass the mirror and look at yourself you will feel slovenly and unkempt and if you're already feeling emotionally exhausted this will make you feel even worse.

It feels good to get dressed up in something other than just sweat pants so try different approach, make a little effort and  see how it inspires and brightens up your mood.

Lets also take this time to slow down, to reconnect with ourselves and our families, even it is just face timing, chatting over the garden fence or through windows, life has suddenly got very simple, let’s embrace it.

Take care of you and yours.  Love Catherine xx