What Would Carrie Bradshaw Wear?

Most of us grew up watching Sex In The City, wishing we to could be Carrie Bradshaw living in Manhattan, or was that just me?  So it got me thinking what would Carrie be wearing this lockdown season of 2020? 


We might have left her immortalised back in 2004, but it doesn’t take much of our imagination to know that element of fun, clashing of fabrics with her quirky style

is all too exciting.  


I decided to have some fun and put two imaginary outfits together for Carrie, working from home ‘Fuzzy Goose Style’.


Business as usual


So Manhattan is in lock down, but Carrie dress sense will still have a cheeky little twist.  She loves a silky cami worn with her faded ripped denims, black embroidered kaftan and pulled in at the waist with a belt. Accessories are always a must and we love her choide of oversized hooped earrings and slender gold chain bracelet worn on her wrist.  


She can’t wait to take a trip to her local deli downtown where she would throw on her hat and cross body Gucci bag with a pair on Manolas ,well you never know, she might bump into “MR BIG”.


Dressing for zoom


Carrie would never miss the opportunity to catch up with the girls with a large glass of wine in one hand,  sat curled up on the sofa, the subject would of course be men! 


You can hear  Miranda  saying the famous quote” HES JUST NOT INTO YOU”.


So chilling clothes for Carrie would be our super Italian soft cotton joggers, with an off the shoulder silky top, long necklace and gold jade bracelet with fluffy mules and of course her hair pinned up into a messy bun.


Love Catherine xx